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We walk the walk with you to ensure the implementation process achieve your envisioned space.

Residential Buildings

Living spaces are very personal and must reflect your lifestyle, but respect your budget.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial, Corporate and Industrial spaces must be functional to achieve the clients objective

Alterations and Additions

Change is as good as a holiday and the change in the space surrounding you can leave you energized



Property is known as a stable long term investment asset class that generates good passive income where do you start?

Action Plan

Infographic Building Action Plan

Project Team 

Who do you need to have on your team and why?

  1. Firstly decide on your project coordinator or project manager. This is your point of access. The project manager is the industry specialist that will take your end goal, and turn it to reality while you go about doing what you need to do. This can be WF Construction, the architect, the structural engineer or the Quantity Surveyor. When WF Construction is the project manager the advantage is that you can be assured that the end result is according to your specification and not filtered through many interpretations to practically happen on site.
  2. The second appointment is the architect or draughtsman that will draw up the drawings to be submitted to the local council. WF Construction works in association with very reputable architects and draughtsmen and the team can make suggestions according to your needs.
  3. Thirdly a structural engineer should be appointed for all foundations, slabs and structural support work. Again the WF Construction team will get proposals from their associates that fit your project needs.
  4. A Quantity Surveyor can be invaluable when you want to compare construction company tenders, as this will ensure you are comparing apples with apples. WFConstruction will give a complete breakdown of all costs from take-offs, however this will be difficult to compare with another company that gives a lump sum price or a rate per area tender sum.

Building Process

Construction Phase Process